"Devil and The Deep Blue Sea"  Acrylic on Abstract.  Abstract painting with multiple colors flowing diagonally over the canvas.  Red is in the upper right corner, flowing into mauve, then a rich purple and turquoise merging into a dark blue and orange, then a calming aqua with a touch of green and yellow.  Bottom left corner is all white.

Paint and Contemporary Art

Painting nourishes my soul and occasionally, I must feed that part of me. Intense emotions are often aroused when I return to a canvas with brush in hand. Sometimes a certain quality of work comes to life as I pursue a painting worthy of being acclaimed as Fine Art. I have been asked to accept commissions for a specific type of artwork—portraits, murals or landscapes. Because I think of myself as an artist who creates contemporary art through inspiration, I must be quite selective on the subject matter. Contact me, let’s talk.

There are aspects to paint that cannot be replicated in drawings or in digital art--- the thickness, texture, strokes, the effect gravity plays on the surface and the chaos that can occur. Several of my paintings are an attempt to control the chaos. Sometimes it works and I feel the power, sometimes chaos wins and I say, “Well, that didn’t work,” and I begin again. I will keep going until I am content with it. A friend once inquired about my artwork, “Is it good enough?” It was then that I realized, it’s never good enough and that is what keeps me going, and keeps me striving to be better.  

I teach drawing and painting classes to people who are in therapy for mental health. The connection that painting and drawing produces is immeasurable for all. Art can transcend barriers if done in a positive way.