Part of the progression of the "Salacious" Illustration.  Consists of 10 images of an illustration of the back of a woman with a beaded necklace flowing down her back.  There is a ring of poppies on her head while she holds part of her hair up with her left hand.


Illustration is a visual interpretation created to help define, enhance, or translate a message to another person or entity.  There are a multitude of different styles of illustration and it is important to choose the right one for the message that you want to send.  

Besides digital I use ink, graphite, charcoal, acrylic, and oil for my artwork.  Often I use a combination of multiple mediums to create one image. The medium used is dependent upon the desired impact the image needs to achieve. While photography may be able to capture a moment in time, an illustration can create and enhance a more intense vision and expand the imagination. The value of an illustration may be more financially beneficial as well as having the ability to deliver a more impactful message.

The artist may need to encourage the client about the influence that an illustration can have on the human mind. While it is often associated with children’s literature, illustrations are incredibly effective tool to stimulate and influence the mind of any age group. The truth is, illustration packs a powerful punch that delivers more than one message.  By utilizing different styles and mediums the artist can communicate quality, technical ability, modernity, history, playfulness, seriousness and more. Nearly any emotion or statement can be made with an illustration.