Getting Real Again by Melissa Whitaker
Digital illustration of the artist peeking over her sunglasses.

Digital illustration

Since the primary purpose of Digital Illustration is to effectively communicate a message through a visual story, the first step is to discover the message a client needs the illustration to reveal and enhance. Is it to communicate a message, to tell a new story or an old story in a new way, or to develop a personality for the company or venture? At this point, the artist listens more than talks. Once the desired message is determined, the collaborative brainstorming starts and the artist’s creative mind opens up to possibilities.

Years ago I paid thousands of dollars for someone else to build a website for me. He did not build anything even close to what I wanted and needed, so I walked away thousands of dollars lighter and with no website. I was determined to accomplish the task to my satisfaction, so I began to improve my knowledge of technology tools and concepts. This was the path of the future and I desired to use my talent to help others send their message utilizing digital art.  Acquiring and utilizing new tools was fun and challenging. It offered another way to see, create, and communicate artistically. Cost of a project can only be determined after a consultation and a calculation of the length of time needed to create and complete the project. Pricing can be hourly or by bid.

My art training since childhood plus my experience with the Tools of the Trade such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Adobe Illustrator was beneficial in developing my skills, but it was when Apple introduced the Apple Pencil that I became addicted. My inner NERD began to interact with my creative side. With the introduction of the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro I was able to finally take my drawing and painting to  a higher level-- my creative side joined the Matrix and with the use of Procreate, ArtStudio Pro, Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch I acquired the ability to do hand illustration/painting in pixels which allowed my unique style to enter the endless World Wide Web.