A Cast of 8 Characters based on different occupations that were created for Free Agent Source.  From left to right Software Developer, Solutions Architect, Agile Coach, Database Administrator, Marketing Director, Trainer, System Engineer, Robotics Programmer.

Concept Art

What is the difference between Concept Art and Illustration?

Concept art and illustration are separate forms of creative development. An illustration is artwork that tells a visual story. It is often used to visually enhance a written story as seen in children’s literature. One of the best known illustrators was Norman Rockwell. Each of his illustrations told a story all on its' own in a picture. Concept art, on the other hand, is the beginning of the creation for a continuous storyline. Movies (live action and animated), music, video games, and graphic novels all use concept art to help achieve a visualization of characters and places to carry the storyline. 


The history of marketing business is as old as civilization and illustration has been continuously used to send messages to customers and clients. Imagine the cave writings of ancient civilizations. It is just as important today as it was in the beginning. Good illustrations communicate that a company, has risen above its competition and translates its clients stories by investing in custom illustration in lieu of being dependent on generic stock photography. An illustration can effectively convey quality and emotion, thereby making a business more relatable and memorable to the public. In a world that is becoming more connected through the mushrooming use of social media, new apps and the internet, it is even more critical for a company to be able to differentiate itself from its competition and make an outstanding first impression.  Illustration artwork does that by making a visual, powerful and meaningful impact on the mind.

A company website should be designed to encourage a customer or client to return to the site on a regular basis. Because there must be a reason to return, concept artists are retained to help the company tell its story in an impactful manner. Achieving a marketable solution requires extensive collaboration and brainstorming between company and the concept artist. This time-consuming step is critical to this process. Conceptual art begins before any visible artwork can or should be developed. Once the visual concept has been conceived, communicated and agreed upon, the artist begins to translate ideas to the page. By incorporating trustworthy character and stimulating personality in the artwork, positive impressions are translated to the company image itself, thereby enhancing and revealing the humanity of the business….literally giving life to the inanimate.

Once the final product is ready for promotion, the artwork can be utilized to enhance and establish the company image in a variety of methods….short strips for websites, social media, presentations, billboards and digital signage such as LCD, LED and projection. 

As Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe aptly said, “LESS IS MORE” or at least, it can be. Concept art and illustration can be economically feasible because it can accomplish more…no need to spend time and valuable funds searching for the right professional photographer, models/actors, finding suitable locations, and applying for permits and licensing rights. The most valuable tool that a quality concept artist provides is the unique perspective that lives within the brain, the eyes and the hands of the artist. Lifetime experiences add immeasurable value to the artists perception….I credit the various teachers that I encountered along the way for their encouragement, but it was my childhood as the daughter of a Naval Aviator that taught me to dream and reach for the stars. My education encompassed art history, fine art techniques, pen and ink drawings, art exhibits, and fashion design. However, as I observed, studied and conversed with other artists, I realized that I needed to share my own perspective of life, heroes and its demigods, its liberties and its prisons, its celebrations and its defeats, its hope and its dreams.

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