Artist Statement

Melissa Whitaker at 3 years old looking over a railing at the airport for her Grandparents arrival.

I have been an observer all my life.  My father was a Lt. Commander in the Navy and this required my family to move to different parts of the country in my formative years. After he retired, my family settled down in rural Missouri. This relocating made me the outsider that was always looking in. I became aware of the interactions of people and their surroundings and discovered how body language tells another part of the conversation that was not being vocalized. This juxtaposition of behavior created an abundance of curiosity regarding human behavior.

Having years of experience working on committees, governing boards, and in business I have observed the subtle nuances that occur between personalities in the work environment. This helped form a perspective on business politics and the inner workings of personality traits in people and how they can be applied to telling a story. I then take that experience and create illustrations on the perspective of the business world that tells a story in a creative way.