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About Me, art, and design

Ugghhhhhh.... The dreadful "About Me" page.

Artist Melissa Whitaker is often covered in paint and lives in Southeast Missouri.

I have been an artist all my life  Don’t put your passion aside, ultimately it is who you are and is what helps keep you grounded. It took a devastating year and a turn of events to get me to pick up the paintbrush again. I paint to keep me grounded and to keep breathing. It’s as simple as that. 

I live in a very conservative community where people are often set in their ways. I hope to bring a different perspective on life to the people around me and to help inspire those who feel that they do not fit in. My art often inspires, but it can offend, as well. I paint/draw life the way I see it and people do not always agree with my perspective, but it does make them realize that there is another side to the story. Is this a way to bring change to the world? Maybe. In this conservative community I often feel that my voice isn’t heard or valued, and I know there are many others who feel the same way. People see the art when they may not hear the voice. I create so that those voices can be seen when they often feel they are to be silent.

My work is often full of color or has a minimal amount of color. There is no in between. I do this to bring about emotion in my work. The intensity of the colors brings a vitality to life and to emotion. Color carries its own energy in varying degrees of wavelengths. Each color has meaning and brings about different reactions in the human psyche. I use this color theory in my work to create a connection with the viewer.  My artwork does not always match the couch. 

I have been told to paint pretty landscapes, flowers and an occasional chicken or two because that is what people want. Some people may want that, but not all of them. I paint and draw for the ones who want something different.  My work has been described as wicked, sensual, and even so wrong that it is right.  The world today is a scary place, full of troubles and chaos. My art looks beyond the troubling, to the beauty that lies underneath.  There is beauty everywhere in this world, including human emotion.  I try to capture that emotion to move people to re-examine their lives and to re-discover their passions.  

What's Going On

"Mischief"  Digital Media


I’m a nerd. I have always been a nerd, even when it wasn’t hip or cool to be a nerd. (Matter of fact that entire sentence seems quite Nerdy).  Anyway, my latest artistic endeavors get my inner nerd excited. I have moved on from paper and canvas and I am now working digitally. It’s a whole new world that takes me to places I’ve never gone before. I still work on the paper and canvas. I love the feel of paint on my skin, but now I take that and play with it digitally. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for creating the iPad! 

I am currently working on illustrations for a company that wants a more visual translation and a human component to what their service offers. Stock photos have become cliche and all companies and corporations use them. It has made websites begin to look like they were stamped out with a cookie cutter. With digital illustration a company can better interpret their brand and their story.  I can help with that with illustrations incorporated in the graphic design.

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