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My Story

 I have been creating art, in one form or another, my entire life. When I am not using my creative mind, I lose focus of who I am. It is the foundation of which I am made.  I create art to explore and release the pent up emotions that encompass the life I see all around me.  The world today is a scary place, full of troubles and chaos. My art looks beyond the troubling, to the beauty that lies underneath.  There is beauty everywhere in this world, including human emotion. I try to capture that emotion in order to move people to re-examine their lives and to re-discover their passions 


My Medium

The foundation of my art has been in illustration with ink, graphite and acrylic paint on paper or canvas.  I use the power of color to emphasize the emotions that are often understated in reality.  As an artist, I am constantly looking for new materials to use for self expression.  My latest venture has been to enter the digital age through the use of a graphics tablet for graphic design uses.    


The Muse


Inspiration comes from all senses. It is in the music I hear, the taste of a fine glass of wine, the sunset after a rainy day, the feel of silk on the skin, and the smell of coffee in the morning. Each of these can bring about emotion that affects the way we view the world. When driving and exploring the back roads, my mind will often wonder to the next creation or problem to be solved. I will listen to the music that is playing, and start creating thumbnail sketches in my mind, of the vision that my imagination has stumbled upon. Often times it will occupy my thoughts until I can get it down on paper or tablet, in order to move on to the next project. Inspiration is a drug that consumes the soul, and there is no peace of mind until the artwork is created.


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