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Get out of the Box

Get out of the BoxGet out of the Box

Illustrating Life

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Illustration of an enthusiastic woman with hands clenched, one leg bent at the knee.

You get what you want, not what someone else has chosen for you.  We will collaborate together to achieve the best results.  Often for a lot less than what models and a professional photo shoot would cost.

Illustrations that Tell a Story

Businesswoman hanging on to a frayed rope while paper airplanes (proposals) are flying at her.

Stock photos seldom tell the full story.  My illustrations can deliver your message effectively in the size and format that you need.  Collaboratively we can make the impact that you deserve.


Concept Art

A cropped digital illustration of one of the characters conceived for Free Agent Source.  He is a software engineer walking forward while putting on a jacket with a striped scarf under the lapel.

Consultation of character design from rough thumbnail sketch to final design.

Digital Illustration

A Digital Illustration that was done for Free Agent Source that was inspired by the friendship of Boston Legal.  It is a view from the back of 2 businessmen sitting in chairs on a balcony overlooking the cityscape at night.

Customized hand drawn digital illustrations that will tell a story and help translate personality to your brand.

Ink Illustration

"Deductive Reasoning" is an ink illustration of woman working on taxes.

Hand drawn illustrations in pen and ink that can add a bit more artistic flare.  May be delivered to you in PNG, PSD, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, or EPS.

Pencil or Graphite

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do."  Ink and graphite illustration on Bristol paper.  Full frontal view of a woman with a broken cigarette in her mouth.  There is a small elf that is hanging on to her hair and climbing up her face after breaking the cigarette in half.

Hand drawn illustrations in Colored Pencil or Graphite.  Images can be delivered in a transparent PNG format.


Contemporary Modern Acrylic painting of Sigmund Freud.  Mostly light blue, red, and forest green in color.

Hand painted illustration on canvas or paper.  Images can be converted to Digital file.


Photograph of the remains of Queen Anne's Lace, on New Years Day, cradling the full moon.

Photography with a creative eye.  Achieve a dynamic look with original photography.

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